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Notarized Translation and Apostille
11 Rusalka St., 1505 Sofia, Bulgaria. Tel: +359 2 944-10-90
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Certified To The Translation Services Quality Standard EN 17100

R&L Press Ltd has been certified with the European Quality Standards

for Translation Service Providers


who we are

TUV NORD EN 17100:2015 Certified Company


R&L Certified Translation Services
The People:
A team of like-minded men and women based in Sofia, Bulgaria, and spreading out too, involved in providing high quality certified translation services.

We help people from various places around the world to better understand each other.


It's the end result that counts!
Certified translators, experts with in-depth experience in paperwork processing with government authorities, attorneys at law, manager, couriers, and PR and HR consultants to promote your projects.

Almost fifteen years of experience in the translation market.
Some of our younger colleagues believe that there will come the day when a computer program will be created to interpret as only a human being could; some vets prefer to read Faust in the original... Still others even after a thirty-year experience on the job abstain from claiming Bulgarian could not offer them anything they had not known anyhow. Some of our interpreters will make foreign business executives forget you all had just met.

QM System:
Absolutely! R&L Press has been independently certified with the European Quality Standarts ISO 17100 and EN 15038 for Translation Service Providers.

Legally registered with, and licensed by, the Consular Relations Directorate of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be able to do all we said so far we could.

Major Feature:
Workaholism (luckily, gone into a sustainable remission).

Quality Again:
Our experience has taught us quality is crucial for gaining customer trust. That's why we always strive for the best possible translation under the particular circumstances.

Here is the place to mention that we support the Quality in Translation initiative. More...
Quality in Translation


 Favorite quotes

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people things they do not want to hear.

George Orwell
(1903 - 1950)

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